Saturday, March 25, 2017

Still Waiting

Since many are asking, I got semi-dolled up and went to the interview on the Monday before last. It seemed to go well, though I haven't heard from the company yet. I won't say what company it is, but let's just say that it's a business for which I would not be ashamed to work.

And even if I don't get the position, interviewing seemed to put initiative under my backside, so I've been filling out some more applications.

I know that some might be asking, "why doesn't she have a writing job somewhere?" No degree and there's an even better reason: I wanted to create my own job, as my banner line indicates. Well, I guess I'm not so good at that, but there's more to it than that.

Back when blogging was new, I didn't even think of it is "my job." It was this fun thing, and I still think of it as a blessing--without it, many people who I absolutely adore would have no presence in my life. Additionally, I was more sure of where conservatives stood politically back then. Oh, I'm still a conservative, but, back then, I thought more conservatives stood on principle.

Now, I find people who call themselves conservatives not only ridiculing the importance of principle, but ridiculing those who even speak the word. I refer to this manner of thinking as aggressive stupidity--when idiots turn their handicap into a blunt instrument and beat you over the head with it.

This is not a new concept, of course; these days, aggressive stupidity just has a better vector. (My first true inkling about the dearth of principle on the right was in regard to this topic.)

The point is this: before, I'd write long essays and get meaningful feedback from conservatives. Now, I get trolled by "conservatives" who see a graphic I share (with my purpose being to ridicule Democrats) who then assume that they know my political leanings--fourteen years of blogging notwithstanding--and who, then, give me an avalanche of their dumbassery.  That kind of crap makes me want to say, "to Hell with you people," go out and try to make a lot of money so I can build that bunker I've been dreaming about since 2008.

Or course, I know that this is partially my fault: that I haven't blogging consistently enough in the last few years. It's the vicious circle.

But I still haven't given up on the idea that I can create my own employment.

If I get the position I interviewed for, you all may not see me that often, but in the meantime, I have work to do right here.

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