Wednesday, March 8, 2017

This Woman's Day--Answered Prayer

Today is International Women's Day aka a Day Without a Woman, where feminists have decided to skip work. I think that it should be called "a Day Without Gratitude to God"--especially by American feminists.

Ring the irony bells...

This coming Monday, I have a job interview. It’s for a real, well-salaried position and, blessedly, it involves writing. However, as is so with most things in life, I’m in a quandary. Should I get the position. I will have to work a lot and I will have almost no time to finish my novel. I’m not that worried about that, but I am worried about this: for a number of years, I’ve taken regular time to work at my church and recently increased it. With this new job, I suspect that I would have to drop that time down to almost nothing. I would feel like I’m letting my pastor down and, also, myself. God’s work is huge part of what has kept me sane during the tribulations of the past few years.

The interesting part about that is, a couple of months ago, I asked God for a large and regular
work income.

I try to be straight with God; the best thing since He knows my thoughts from afar off. I told Him that I was grateful for the friends and readers He has sent to help me survive and for the small amounts of work that He has sent my way. Then, I said that I was tired of scratching and scraping and that I wanted to be able to pay my bills on time and do some of the other things I’d like which require money. (I always try to be real and not self-serving: “O, God, give me more money, so I can give you a bigger offering! Give me money, so that I can help other people in need, just like I have been helped!” Well, I certainly want to do both of those things, but both He and I know that this isn’t the primary reason. I suppose I can pray that He changes my heart to make those the primary reason.)

What to do? I know that the answer will come.

At any rate, I need to prepare my appearance for this interview. Since I lost most of my possessions last year, I have almost no professional clothes; one dress left and no slip. I need to get my afro trimmed a bit and I haven’t had my eyebrows shaped in months, so I’m asking for donations again—perhaps for the last time. I hope and pray that it is.

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