Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Another Job Bleg (UPDATED x 2)

I'm fond of food, too.
Hopefully, the last one.

Okay. There's a place I really want to work, but I have to apply in person.

I really need three things: transportation fare, laundromat money (I normally wash by hand, but this need to happen quickly) and a little appearance maintenance. Oh yes, and I have to head to the library to print out my resume.

I'll tell you what the job is after I get there. It's for a nearby Trader Joe's. Please help! I want to get this job before someone else gets it!

UPDATE (10:30AM): Need 250-300; have 75. No worries. I can at least get a little gas, appearance ($20; I'm low maintenance), and the copies. Tell your friends.

Oh, one thing: if you donate, let me know in comments or email where you land afterward. Thanks.

UPDATE: (3:15PM): Target reached, task completed, and back home. And I've edited the donation button. Thank you all and God bless you. Please pray for my success.

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