Monday, April 9, 2018

Hearing the Same Voice

This looks very familiar.
[T]he greatest lies are not one-off incidents. They are not the occasional white lie to the wife who asks, “Does this dress make me look fat?” They are not the lies wherein people of conscience say the equivalent of, “No! No Jews are here.” They are not even the lies of the con artist who still knows he is conning people. Most people who tell those sort of lies still know they are lying. 
No, the biggest lie, and the one currently afflicting our society, is the total loss of discernment between what is truth and what is a lie. It is the belief there is no truth possible. It is the belief we can make up our own truth as we see fit.

Almost a year ago, I said this:
We Christians are familiar—some only passingly familiar--with Jesus’ assertion that the Devil is the Father of Lies. That is, he is the progenitor of everything that is false. Let’s stipulate that and go further: he is the architect of Lies. God is building His kingdom, and so the Adversary is building his. 
This adversary does deal in simple falsehoods, but those aren’t his most lethal weapons. He is an imitator of his enemy, God, and therefore, his deceptions are high, wide, deep, broad, complex—and, long-term. 
These types of deceptions are four-dimensional at the very least; they are his weapons of mass destruction.
When we think of lies, we tend to think of them as linear one-dimensional, straight-out falsehoods: 2+2=57, for example—a thing so outrageously false as to be laughable. Another uncomplicated falsehood: if I tell you that I weigh 120 pounds and I know that I weigh more than that, or less (ha ha), that is a simple lie and easily disproved--in my case anyway.
I am definitely not implying that Fay Voshell – the author of this excellent piece featuring one Josef Stalin -- copied my idea for one simply reason.

The idea does not belong to either of us. It is revealed wisdom.

That Kingdoms of lies have been and are being built is plain to anyone with “eyes to see” and “ears to hear, as Jesus the Christ put it. His implication: those who posses the physical and spiritual senses to be able to see past the edifices of lies and to discern the truth.

And it's not a secret ... unless one wants it to be.

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