Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Why I'm Planning to Drive Across the Country and Back

For obvious reasons, this will be part of a series of posts.

As many know from following me on Facebook and Twitter, I’m planning a two-month road trip across the United States and back and I’d like to give a little background as to why I’m doing it.

As I’ve indicated in a couple of other posts, back in February, I found out that an old boyfriend had died. Through contacting his employer – a learning center that helps people get their GEDs – I discovered that the employer had built a memorial garden for him. Since I found out about this, I have longed to see that memorial and I asked God to let that happen before my own exit from Earth.

Not long after I made that request, I received two unrelated invitations to visit Kentucky and Tennessee, respectively in September and October. Both inviters will help me get there and accommodations are already assured. Additionally, I have a friend who would provide me with free air travel if I wanted it.

But I got to thinking that it sure would be nice if I could drive there and see my family, friends and some longtime fans of this blog along the way.

So, I tested the idea on Facebook and got an avalanche of requests to visit from every state in the lower 48! Even one of my friends who lives in South Korea is joking with me about visiting.

Of course, I don’t have the money for this and my car is too old to stand up to the rigors of such a trip, but what if I could do it through a campaign and through day-labor during the trip?

That’s what I going to attempt. And I want to document every part of the trip online.

So, that’s the plan.

Right now, the departure date is August 15 or thereabouts and the main thing I need at the beginning point is to reserve a rental vehicle. I check at Enterprise and two months for an intermediate-sized SUV will be about $2200, but I think I’d like to reserve one for one month at a time.

I have a list of roughly 20 people who have requested a visit – if only for me to swing by in their town and enjoy a cup of coffee – but I will be adding more.

A 57-year-old black lady, two months on the road alone in “terrible, horrible, racist” America; that is how many naysayers will think of such a trip. But I know better and want to see my country for myself, up close and personal.

I will start a GoFundMe campaign, but I’d like to reserve the vehicle now and take care of a few things in the two weeks before I leave, so if you want to hit the tip-jar, please do. When I get the vehicle reserved, I will post a photo of the receipt.

Looking forward to seeing every one of you.

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