Monday, July 30, 2018

Gift For My New Followers

I have many new followers on Twitter who don’t know that I’ve been blathering online about conservative politics, Christianity, and other stuff for quite some time now. So, I thought I’d give them a taste of some of my work.

Some of the links below are from my old Typepad blog which is still active. I’ve been thinking about combining it with this one.

Going back to 2003 – the year I started blogging – is more than a notion; I cringe at some of my old posts. But, writing is like weight-lifting: painful at first, but you become stronger and sleeker if you don’t give up.

These aren’t necessarily the ones that received the most traffic.

Disclaimer: I like to rant and am sometimes snarky.
Disclaimer 2: Some of you may not like what I wrote about Donald Trump prior to the 2016 election. I did vote for him and now I’m glad I did, but back then? Not so much.

When I’m wrong, I don’t hide my errors.

Enjoy … I hope.

Throwing Away the Crutches
The Scattered: Spiritual Reasons for Black Failure
To a Young One Who is an Apologist for a Terrorist
The Herding Series
View From Under the Bus
Don’t Make Me Whip Dis Out
I Accept the Shame You Cast Upon Me
Passing for Super Heroes
Message to the Black, White, Man, Woman: GROW UP!!! Language alert.
It’s a Trap!
Donald Trump and Our Current Level of Deception
Gun Control and the Desire to “Improve” Humankind
Yamasaki’s Towers

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