Friday, November 23, 2018

The Left Worships Your Mamma

Recently, Former President Obama said that the Right has "mommy issues" because many of us don't believe in the doctrine of Climate Change. Resisting the urge to talk about the former president's mamma, I'd have to say that inserting "mommy issues" into that conversation (Mother Gaia?) was bizarre. And it reminded me of something I've seen the Left do quite a bit lately: bring up your parents.

One of the Left’s shaming tools used against conservatives -- especially those who are not white -- is appealing to us in the name of our dead ancestors or, rather, their vain imaginings of who our ancestors were and what they might think of what we, the living, think and do. Example:

This appeal is based on an unexamined delusion: that all non-whites give a rip about pleasing our ancestors.

I, for one, have at least two ancestors who probably had more to worry about upon reaching the afterlife than whether I or any of their other progeny were shaming them or not. But that’s a side issue.

The main one is this: Christians and Jews are strictly forbidden to practice this or any other form of idolatry. This would include appeasing them or ordering our lives to what we think they might want. Simply put, our goal in life is to please God and Him alone.

Also, I think that trying to atone for the actions of one’s dead ancestors – something the Left seems so on about, what with all the obsession with about “white privilege” and the various campaigns to refute and repudiate “whiteness” – is a twisted Leftist form of this.

They hate their ancestors, worship mine – or so they think -- and then try to shame me when my political beliefs don’t match up with what they conjure about the gods they venerate.

They're always trying to put something in that God-shaped hole of theirs -- anything except for the actual God.

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