Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Heralding

If, like me, you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember the TV cartoon Casper the Friendly Ghost. Looking it up, I discovered that the series was based on a short film from 1945.

One night, I found out how the illustrator might have conceived his creation. Or, perhaps, it was how my own mind interpreted things using concepts familiar to me. Either way, the dream I had was riveting, to say the least.

When I lived in the homeless facility, there were rooms set aside for veterans and I lived in one of them. I had been there alone for about a week when I got a roommate. Small black lady -- an Army veteran -- who seemed normal enough when we were making our get-to-know-you small talk on that first day. She had a Caribbean accent, which I found out was Haitian.

That night, I had a dream about God and Satan talking to each other. Both appeared as white, faceless apparitions against a black background. They appeared very much like this.

At first, I heard murmuring voices, but then they faded in. The two were speaking in a language I had never heard before, but I could sense the nature of the conversation: point and counterpoint.

At some point, God stopped talking and just looked at Satan because the latter was saying one word over and over again in the unknown language. Then the word became English.

“Felon! Felon! Felon!”

Initially, I thought that Satan was saying that God was a felon; but when I looked up the word ‘felon’ later that day, I realized that Satan was talking about humanity.

One of the definitions of ‘felon’ is a criminal worthy of death.

Then Satan noticed me, turned to a vapor, came at me incredibly fast, and enveloped me. I was paralyzed and could feel the vapor on my skin -- a tingling on every inch of my body. I specifically remember feeling the sensation on the bottom of my right foot. Allegedly, the soles of our feet are porous absorption points.

The pressure of the entity tightened against my skin. It was trying to enter my being, but could not. When, I called out to God, Satan gave up. I woke up after that.

My roommate would not speak to me for days and, afterward, began a reign of terror against me.

More to follow.


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