Thursday, March 28, 2019

Russian Collusion Hoaxers Must Pay

Sandy Burglar.


Loads of Obama stuff. For example, few remember that two sets of divorce court records belonging to his US Senate opponents were magically unsealed, causing him to win.

(Burglar was fined $50K. Bill Clinton probably hit his Paypal tip-jar. Oh wait .. that's my tip-jar.)

No one did anything about these and many other blatant crimes. No one went to jail.

Now the Russian Collusion Hoax.

President Trump must make them pay. And he will. They know it, too.

As a former USAF linguist, having held a high-level security clearance, and knowing full well what would have happened to me if I had "mishandled" classified information like the late Sandy Berger or built a server in my house for my classified email account like Hillary Clinton, I have simmered in low-level rage for over a decade as I watched them walk free after their deeds were exposed.

The only thing that makes me smile a little is imagining an unrepentant Sandy Berger explaining his little heist to the Almighty.

Bet that went over well!

Some commentators have said that President Trump and his supporters should be magnanimous in victory.


If these people don't fry for trying to overthrow this president, they will just try it again, as they have been doing for decades. More than a half a century, in fact.

We have to make the consequences no longer worth risking.

Donald Trump has a history of crushing his enemies, and, as Thomas Wictor has been pointing out for a while, has it well-planned.

I want to see it, maybe in person. I want to see them finally pay for trying to turn my country into a third world shithole -- like they've done to my state.

And it will happen. I can smell it in the air.

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