Monday, March 18, 2019

Underneath the Mask Evil Sometimes Wears

Straight white male murders a bunch of mostly straight white people.

Muslim male murders a bunch of mostly gay people.

Muslim male and Muslim female murder a bunch of people of nearly every race.

White male murders a bunch of mostly white children and some of their teachers.

White male domestic abuser murders a bunch of white Christians.

Asian male murders a bunch of people of every race.

And now …

White nihilists murder a bunch of Muslims.

And, black Muslims murder a bunch of black Christians.

I could go on and on, but call this a microcosm. Almost every observer wants to put his/her own political spin on these atrocities and I could put my own “War on Christianity” spin on it if I were inclined; and it is that. But there’s an overarching view to it.

Because too many view Christianity as a political ideology, it’s necessary to refute that and give its true meaning. Christianity is a relationship with God – one in which He defines the terms of the relationship. The terms are simple: acknowledge that Jesus is the Christ – the Messiah – and claim Him for your personal savior and your liege Lord.

For those who don’t do that, they put their trust in something and/or someone else -- or in nothing else.

This is not a criticism toward non-Christians. I’m just outlining the basis of my thought process.

I’ve said before that mass murderers and serial killers are demonically-possessed and I believe this more than ever. In whatever manner it may have come about, demons cross these murderers’ spiritual egresses and made themselves at home. As often as not, of course, the demons were invited. The demons then proceed to lie to them.

“You’ll feel better if you do this.”

“God wants you to do this.”

Your race will survive if you do this.

It will be fun/funny if you do this.”

This list of lies is not exhaustive.

And here is where I part company with those who want to put an ideological or even a religious spin on every iteration of mass death.

All the “justifications” are suits of camouflage.

The religious, political and carcass-worship manifestos? Please. The demons lie to the on-looking world just like they lie to their hosts.

The devil seeks to steal and destroy, and he does not care which method his children use to make it happens as long as it happens. And his greatest weapon is terror, both the feeling and the act. The two can create a seemingly inescapable circle. A Carousel of Hell.

I know. It’s easy for me to dispassionately say that it’s not about being a Muslim or a Christian or a homosexual or a conservative or whatever when no one I love has been the victim of these murders. And, perhaps that’s why I can see it, along with the fact that I naturally look for patterns when similar actions are repeated more than twice.

And, in the cases of these types of slaughters, the pattern is so obvious that it has almost become boring to witness. Almost.

There will be more because the Devil knows his time is short.

Your mission: to refuse to be terrorized. Also, don't be taken in by the terrorists appeals to tribalism -- even if that tribalism is labelled "Jesus."

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Unknown said...

"Yes coffee is a utility." baldilocks...

tpro1 said...

Good insight. It reflects and expands upon what I told someone yesterday about the recent mass shootings.