Wednesday, May 29, 2019

An Impeachment Spectacle is in Our Future and It Will Be Glorious!

My commentary on the Mueller statement. Originally posted as a Twitter thread.


Mueller resigns as Special Counsel and said that he won't testify in Congress to anything about the Russia Probe beyond what's in the report. But Adam Schiff wants him there anyway.

Pelosi and Schumer don't want an impeachment, period. The following is just subterfuge.

Real reason: an impeachment will expose information to the public that will hurt the Democrat Party.

Chuck and Nancy want to end it. But their charges who are unable to think strategically -- like Schiff, Waters, etc. -- will keep pushing. They'll subpoena Mueller and who-the-heck-ever else they can. They'll keep digging and digging and digging.

They'll keep hoping to reach that Pot of Gold at the bottom: Trump removed from office in disgrace.

Pelosi and Schumer are smart enough to know that this is not what's at the bottom of the hole which dimwits like Schiff keep digging.

They know what really is there: the corpse of the Democrat Party.

I bet that President Trump has already explained it to the party's leadership.

What remains to be seen: whether Pelosi and Schumer can hold off the rabid impeachment mongers in their party and among their constituents. I predict that they won't be able to withstand the storm.

Like all other types of mobs, the impeachment mob cannot be reasoned with. They want destruction and they want it now. Try telling any mob that the destruction it plans for its adversary will be cause of its own destruction -- and the mob will scoff and keep it moving.

Therefore, I say that we sit back and let the Democrat Party destroy itself.

Let the impeachment happen so that all the declassified info can be on the table -- which is what Pelosi and Schumer definitely DO NOT WANT, not to mention Hillary Clinton and Former President Obama.

And Big Media will have no choice but to cover it. They'll be live-streaming it. Regular Dems will be having impeachment watch parties.

And so will everyone else.

We will all be able to hear the particulars of how the Organized Left tried to steal the 2016 presidential election. No one will be able to ignore it.

That's what's coming if the Democrats refuse to give up this years-long temper tantrum.

So, come on with it, Dems! Ignore the Speaker and the Minority Leader. What do those fossils know anyway? 😎

Your party has been my enemy since before I was born. It will, therefore, be deeply satisfying to watch its self-inflicted dissolution.

Let's do this!

(Thanks to Thomas Wictor and Brian Cates)

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