Sunday, June 16, 2019


I have three fathers: Father, Uncle John, and Dad.

It has always seemed unfair, since I know several people whose only father is the guy who contributed the sperm and, all too often, nothing else, not even his last name.

Each one of my fathers, however, has contributed something good to the person I am.

From Father, I received an unusual heritage and a DNA-level love of language and communication. Uncle John took that raw material and laid a foundation; he taught me to read, write, and compute well before my first day in Kindergarten. And Dad has instilled in me the love of the Lord along with a healthy dose of common sense.

Why did I get such abundance?

Last year, I figured it out.

We Christians are adopted children and God the Father modeled that in my life by giving me two adoptive fathers. It was something that He wanted me to see and to tell. And, since I’m a little slow – I spent too much time with my eyes on something other than God – it took me 57 years to figure it out. By the way, God began showing me representations of Himself when I was a small child.
God’s purpose in the modeling? To show me that's He real and that He loves His previously fatherless children, but I suspect that there's more for me to see and that pointing this out in public will lead to it. I'll let you know.

Anyway, I’m grateful to God for gifts that He gave me in these three men. Uncle John went to his final destination in 2000, but Father (80) and Dad (77) are still with us and looking pretty good, too!

Father -- Philip Ochieng

Dad: Johnny D.

Uncle John -- John Simpkins, Jr.
Happy Father’s Day, good men. I love you.

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Susan McGuire said...

What a beautiful tribute to the great men in your life. :)