Monday, January 11, 2021

Help Me Save my Landlords' Building

 ... and my unit, too

Since 2015, I have lived in a 16-unit apartment building -- the first time I’ve rented since the early 90s. There have been some downs, but mostly, ups. My landlords – a married couple – have been very understanding during my downs. There have been times in which I was not able to pay the rent for a several months, but I’ve never seen an eviction notice. 

And, though I’m late again now, I haven’t seen one this time. 

But my landlords have confided in me; they are at risk of defaulting on their mortgage. Should that happen, we all lose and that includes the other tenants. 

And the primary reason that I haven’t been able to pay my rent this time is that my bank account was hacked, and the bank hasn’t reimbursed me yet. 

I know that I fundraise a lot. I’m honest about it and don’t pretend to be altruistic and totally unselfish. The money I raise here is for me as much as it is for my landlords. 

And we all know what is happening right now in California. Vast transfers of wealth and property to (further) enrich the big guys and girls and lockdowns to screw the little ones. 

That’s the big picture. But in my little picture, I’d hate to see my landlords’ lose their building and I'm asking you to keep that from happening.

And if you can’t give – I know that many are in dire circumstances – please make mention of us to God in your prayers. You know my name. Their names are Sharon and Carlos. 

When I told them that I would raise the money, they were incredulous. "How?" Sharon asked.

I smiled. "Trust me," I said.

I'm asking you to do that, too. The target is $5000 and I will probably wage this campaign on multiple platforms -- at least the ones from which I'm not yet banned.

Thank you and God bless us all.

UPDATE: I want to stress that I am protected from eviction due to the COVID lockdown, but my landlords are not protected from losing their building.

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Asher Abrams said...

Keeping Sharon, Carlos, and especially you in my prayers.