Saturday, June 24, 2017

Uncle Tom's Autopsy

The illiterate reference to Uncle Tom has now been expanded to former Muslims.

It’s now 2017 – a “current year” factoid always thrown in our face by progressives – and the forcefulness by which the political left and fundamentalist Muslims utilise the phrases “house Muslim” or “uncle Tom” to shame those who don’t conform is not just abundant, it is growing. 
I have a pretty thick skin. I hear these things every day. I feel ashamed, not of who I am, but of my fellow human beings who find it appropriate to race-shame someone, or religion-shame them. 
I’m told every day, perhaps even several times a day, that I’m a “coconut”, or I hear sardonic expressions of how “proud my parents must be” of me. It’s fine, I can take it. When it comes from Muslims I put this down to envy. The green-eyed monster and the green, Arab-clad flags co-ordinate well together.
The rest is well worth the read, but I want to reiterate some concepts which the verbal shaming of dissidents indicates.

First: as the writer points out, Uncle Tom was the hero of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. That his moniker has been perverted to mean something undesirable is a perfect example of Coconut Treatment: the character of Uncle Tom has been sliced open and has had his innards hollowed out. Into that shell, the present-day caricature of “Uncle Tom” has been inserted, the shell glued back together, and the corpse reanimated.

Zombie Uncle Tom, if you will.

Secondly: any wielders of the perverted Uncle Tom epithet betray their own personal inferiority complex and, most especially, their suspicions that the group to which they belong is inferior to white, especially men. They project their own existential shame onto the dissident.

In other words, they want you to feel as bad about yourself as they do about themselves.

However, in the case of ex-Muslims, I’d say that if the worst thing they have to experience is a Twitter-shaming, one might thank his/her blessings.

But, we all know that this is the least of their worries.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Still Not Employed by Anyone Other Than Myself

Out and about today. I'm at the Library carrying my employment info arsenal.

  • 10 copies of my resume. Check.
  • 2 copies of my DD Form 214. Check.
  • 2 copies of my Social Security Card. Check.
  • 3 forms of ID. Check. (Reports of black people being ID-less are greatly exaggerated BS. But you knew that.)

Dozens of applications sent out already. One interview. Sometimes I look at people who have jobs and wonder how I'm still struggling. Too old and "over-qualified?" Probably. So is it, somehow, better if I'm on the dole?

I do understand why people give up.

And people like this heifer Reality Winner make me so angry I can barely see straight.

I don't expect life to be fair. I do, however, expect idiots like her to be struggling and reasonable-able and ethical people like myself to not have to calculate how much money I have when considering the purchase of food versus fuel versus my Internet bill. She's not even competent  at properly executing treachery.

What more can I do?

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Short Take on Kathy Griffin

Apology notwithstanding, by posing with an image of the severed head of President Trump, Kathy Griffin is merely looking to position herself in a future New Caliphate. "I'm your friend, Abdul! Look at this picture of me and the Trump infidel!"

I wish her good luck with that, considering the position of women in most Islamic societies.


And we know how much these apologies are worth. Most of those are planned in advance of the act. Her mission has been accomplished.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Recon: The Death Mold

I wanted to give a larger example of the phenomenon I described on Tuesday, without making things political. But, then again, I know that some will see politics here whether they really are here or not.

So, flock it.

Most of us remember The Matrix; I’ve seen the first of the movies and have bowed to the reviews of the other movies in the series and not bothered with them. But the writers of these movies definitely had some Bible knowledge. In the King James translation of the Bible, there are five usages of the phrase “the matrix.” They always refer to the womb and to the birth of a firstborn.

Exodus 13:12
That thou shalt set apart unto the LORD all that openeth the matrix, and every firstling that cometh of a beast which thou hast; the males shall be the LORD'S. 
Exodus 13:15
And it came to pass, when Pharaoh would hardly let us go, that the LORD slew all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man, and the firstborn of beast: therefore I sacrifice to the LORD all that openeth the matrix, being males; but all the firstborn of my children I redeem.  
Exodus 34:19
All that openeth the matrix is mine; and every firstling among thy cattle, whether ox or sheep, that is  
Numbers 3:12
And I, behold, I have taken the Levites from among the children of Israel instead of all the firstborn that openeth the matrix among the children of Israel: therefore the Levites shall be mine; 
Numbers 18:15
Every thing that openeth the matrix in all flesh, which they bring unto the LORD, whether it be of men or beasts, shall be thine: nevertheless the firstborn of man shalt thou surely redeem, and the firstling of unclean beasts shalt thou redeem.
The same Hebrew word is used each time: רֶ֨חֶם (transliteration: rechem), though King James’ 47 translators didn’t always use “matrix” when translating the word ‘womb’ (and though modern Hebrew uses another word for a matrix of the artificial variety). The translators used it only when the writer pointed to the act of giving birth. That led me to research the etymology of the word matrix. It’s of Latin origin. and it does mean ‘womb,’ and, naturally following that definition, is this one: “an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.” (As an aside, I found this definition interesting: “the substance between cells or in which structures are embedded.”)

Succinctly, a matrix is a biological or an artificial place where beings or things are built. A mold.

And so, we return to my assertion that the Devil is building his multi-dimensional kingdom of lies—in counterpoint to the Kingdom of God which the latter has been building and continues to build.

This world is the Devil’s matrix--a place in which complex falsehoods are constructed, not to mention, large-scale thievery and massive destruction. Both God’s kingdom and the Devil’s kingdom have the terrestrial characteristics I’ve already pointed to, but I have not yet pointed to the most important dimension: the spiritual one.

So, let’s take this knowledge and apply it as we look at one of the Enemy’s many edifices.

As we see from the scriptures, God instructed the ancient Hebrews to dedicate each new completed (male) “construction” to Him. (With free will being what it is, that didn’t always work out.) Additionally, God bestows each of these “constructions”--male and female--on us as a blessing; a "quiver full of arrows". Related to this is the importance of one’s lineage. This knowledge points into both past and future for almost every famous—and infamous—personage in the Bible, with Jesus’ lineage being of the utmost importance. God's kingdom is one of life.

Conversely, the Adversary is building his kingdom of dead bodies, stunted lineage, and absence of blessing. Abortion, as a singular act of murder is, through Jesus the Christ, a forgivable sin, if the murderer asks Him for forgiveness and repents. But the Devil has built a network--a matrix--of abortion. The physical, economic, and political aspects of it are mere manifestation of its unseen foundation, and that foundation is spiritual.

Opponents of abortion have referred to it as a “sacrament”—that is, an outward symbol which abortion proponents find to be holy. Here in America, we have embedded abortion not only into the very being of our national body, but into the spirits of many of our country’s citizens. Therefore, it makes sense that many pro-abortion advocates view abortion as sane and moral and view their anti-abortion counterparts as evil. To be against destruction of human beings is wrong, but to be rabidly for it is pro-woman. This is evidence of a metaphysical implantation of the Adversary’s reasoning, a way of thinking that is necessary for the success of his ultimate goal--death. Example. Example 2.

Call it a method of spiritual in vitro fertilization. An anti-creation.

Observation to be continued using another edifice.

*I differentiate the true pro-choice ideology from de facto pro-abortion stance which is that pro-life/anti-abortion ideology is anti-woman. God is pro-choice, not just on this matter, but on all things. That’s why He gave us free will.

(References: Bible Gateway, Strong’s Concordance, Online Etymology Dictionary, Merriam Webster Dictionary)

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

To Feed My Brains

Kindly click the donation link so I can buy breakfast supplies for the next several days. This is what I normally eat but with much more fruit.

Confession: I will admit to having been on CalFresh (EBT) for most of 2016, but I have been blessed to be able to do without it since the beginning of 2017 and I don't plan on going back.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Recon: Gates of Hell

We Christians are familiar—some only passingly familiar--with Jesus’ assertion that the Devil is the Father of Lies. That is, he is the progenitor of everything that is false. Let’s stipulate that and go further: he is the architect of Lies. God is building His kingdom, and so the Adversary is building his.

This adversary does deal in simple falsehoods, but those aren’t his most lethal weapons. He is an imitator of his enemy, God, and therefore, his deceptions are high, wide, deep, broad, complex—and, long-term.

 These types of deceptions are four-dimensional at the very least; they are his weapons of mass destruction.

This is as good a representation as any of how I visualize time.
When we think of lies, we tend to think of them as linear one-dimensional, straight-out falsehoods: 2+2=57, for example—a thing so outrageously false as to be laughable. Another uncomplicated falsehood: if I tell you that I weigh 120 pounds and I know that I weigh more than that, or less (ha ha), that is a simple lie and easily disproven--in my case anyway.

Following the math example, think of the most complex mathematical statement that is true, then think of the inverse, a process that’s also complex but false. But how would most people know that the process is false? Its sheer complexity is its shield against the revelation of its false nature.

The dimension of time is very important and adds to complexity. The segmented, one-dimensional way of thinking that I mentioned in this post makes it easy to miss the multidimensional edifices of falsehood all around us.

And if you can’t connect “before” with “now,” and with “later,” nor see how dependent these time concepts are on each other, then everything is “now.” By the way, the connection of those three time elements is the spine of what used to be called scientific method.

More in a bit.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My April 2017 Post Digest From Da Tech Guy Blog

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Another Job Bleg (UPDATED x 2)

I'm fond of food, too.
Hopefully, the last one.

Okay. There's a place I really want to work, but I have to apply in person.

I really need three things: transportation fare, laundromat money (I normally wash by hand, but this need to happen quickly) and a little appearance maintenance. Oh yes, and I have to head to the library to print out my resume.

I'll tell you what the job is after I get there. It's for a nearby Trader Joe's. Please help! I want to get this job before someone else gets it!

UPDATE (10:30AM): Need 250-300; have 75. No worries. I can at least get a little gas, appearance ($20; I'm low maintenance), and the copies. Tell your friends.

Oh, one thing: if you donate, let me know in comments or email where you land afterward. Thanks.

UPDATE: (3:15PM): Target reached, task completed, and back home. And I've edited the donation button. Thank you all and God bless you. Please pray for my success.

Every Tuesday and Saturday, I blog at the award-winning Da Tech Guy Blog. Latest Blog post: Dirty Deeds Done in North Dakota

This is my JOB. It pays for: A Roof Over My Head, the writing of My Next Book(s), and Utilities--especially Internet and COFFEE! Yes, coffee is a utility.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Down to Earth

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If you read anything today, read this.

Two great quotes:

Most things that we believe were “invented” by universities were actually discovered by tinkering and later legitimized by some type of formalization. I have shown in Antifragile how the knowledge we get by tinkering, via trial and error, experience, and the workings of time, in other words, contact with the earth, is vastly superior to that obtained through reasoning, something universities have been very busy hiding from us.
Their three flaws: 1) They think in statics not dynamics, 2) they think in low, not high dimensions, 3) they think in actions, never interactions. 
The first flaw is that they are incapable in thinking in second steps and unaware of the need for it – and about every peasant in Mongolia, every waiter in Madrid, and every car service operator in San Francisco knows that real life happens to have second, third, fourth, nth steps. The second flaw is that they are also incapable of distinguishing between multidimensional problems and their single dimensional representations – like multidimensional health and its stripped, cholesterol-reading reduced representation. They can’t get the idea that, empirically, complex systems do not have obvious one dimensional  cause and effects mechanisms, and that under opacity, you do not mess with such a system. 

The 'they/their/them' pronouns refer to Interventionistas--those who promote the intervention by Western nations, specifically the USA, into countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc., in order to remove tyrants and dictators. Regime change, in short.

The reason, however, that this essay excited me was that the author, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, using foreign intervention as the example, articulated something which has been whirling around in my head for quite some time. The itch got scratched.

This was the itch: the segmented way in which too many people think. There is little to no consideration to what comes before an event, nor to speculation as to what will likely come afterward.  I've even been told that speculation is a bad thing.

Like the man said, cause-and-effect is not only quickly becoming a foreign concept, but often a scorned one when introduced into a conversation. People want what they want and don't want to hear bad examples and unexpected side effects accrued by those who've had identical desires,  and, obviously, don't want to think about bad outcomes they are likely to accrue in the future.

This manner of thinking is also known as insanity. Epidemic.

I was beginning to think that I was the one who was insane...and maybe I am about some things. But this? I don't think so.

This isn't a political issue, nor even an intellectual one, not really. Honestly? I think it's a spiritual issue. I may have to expound on that later.

I look forward to reading two of Mr. Taleb's books and they're on my hold list at the LA Public Library. If you're interested buying these, please use the widgets below.

Every Tuesday and Saturday, I blog at the award-winning Da Tech Guy Blog. Latest Blog post: SJWs are Loaded

This is my JOB. It pays for: A Roof Over My Head, the writing of My Next Book(s), and Utilities--especially Internet and COFFEE! Yes, coffee is a utility.