Saturday, April 23, 2016

6 Million Reasons Why You Should Donate to This Blog

Actually, I can give you two.
  1. Because I'll never pretend like I'm blegging for altruistic, unselfish reasons--unless I actually am--and,
  2. Because, unlike some people, I can tell you how all donated monies have been spent; I keep copies of all of my receipts using scanner and software. If you ask, I'll tell you.
Meanwhile, I don't think that anyone abiding under the wing of Donald Trump will suffer earthly penalties for this.
Remember when Donald Trump snubbed Fox’s presidential debate to hold a fundraising rally for veterans back in January? Well, it seems there’s a great deal of that money that has yet to be distributed. What’s more, his staff seems unconcerned about why it hasn’t been given out. 
Trump claimed after the rally that his website drew in a total of $6 million for wounded warriors, but The Daily Beast caught up with his veteran’s issues chairman and asked about why charities haven’t exactly lined up to publicly acknowledge that they received any of it.
Two of Trump's veteran point persons say that some of the $6 million has been disbursed, but neither bothered to prove it and say that they have better things to do than be transparent about donated money intended for veterans.

And I predict that no entity of the MSM will be aggressive about this topic. Wish I could perpetrate something like this...well, then again, I don't. It would be necessary to be without a conscience.

Donate to this veteran. It doesn't have to be $6M.

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