Saturday, April 23, 2016

Truth Be Told (UPDATED)

UPDATE (4/26): The Horde comes through! I'm still posting from the library, but that's only because it takes time for the funds to get through.

You can stop now!
ORIGINAL: My electricity was turned off on Thursday for non-payment. That's why I was posting from the library that day and what this post is about. Naturally, my wifi was off.

However, I had discovered a workaround; in the vestibule outside of my apartment, there's an outlet not connected to my account. So I gathered all the surge-protecting cords I could find--five, as it turns out--put them together and made it so that I could at least have light, coffee, and wifi until I could find a way to get the funds together.

I knew it wouldn't last for long but I thought it would last for the weekend and, bare minimum, for 48 hours. But when I heard a high-pitched female voice outside my door ask loudly, "what's this doing here?" I knew the jig was up. Then the knock on the door came.

I threw myself at my landlady's mercy, but she said no, and I understand her position. "Oddest" thing: I was just about to post today's Da Tech Guy offering when the knock came. The title of that post: Living by Faith.

So that's what I'm still doing at I type this from the library--living by faith. $400 is what I need. At least help me get some candles.

BTW:  My devices will not work with LAPL's wifi, for whatever reason.

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