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Crazy Supporters of Politicians are Crazy

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Correlation or causation? Both, maybe.

Bernie Sanders supporters are violent.

First there was James Hodgkinson, the guy who tried to take out a portion of the GOP Congress.

Then there was Rene Boucher, the guy who attacked and seriously injured US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). In fairness, I'd say that Boucher was probably a Bernie supporter.

And, just recently, there was the lesbian couple who piled themselves and their six adopted children into an SUV and intentionally drove over a California cliff overlooking the ocean, killing all passengers. From Stacy McCain:
There were no brake marks on that highway overlooking the Pacific shore, police say. Jennifer Hart drove toward that cliff at top speed. Why? Because for the fourth time, the Harts were being investigated for child abuse, and so their “family that champions for things that matter” had to die together, plunging 100 feet headlong into the abyss.
The bodies of three of the children are missing; probably washed out to sea.

The Hart family at a 2016 Bernie Sanders rally
Just for grins, I searched "violent Bernie Sanders supporters" and found this -- from Bernie Sanders supporter Sally Kohn at TIME magazine. It's from May 2016, one month before Hillary Clinton completed the process of stealing the Democrat presidential nomination from Sanders.
This past weekend, Sanders supporters at the Democratic state convention in Nevada became unruly and threatened the state party chair when she ruled 64 of Sanders’ delegates ineligible, ignored motions made by Sanders supporters and refused to accept any petitions that would change the rules. While some Sanders supporters on social media have denied that the bad behavior took place, several highly credible media outlets have corroborated reports of Sanders supporters rushing the convention stage, cursing at the leadership and throwing chairs. (After these reports, NPR and Talking Points Memo reported that no chairs were thrown.) The state Democratic chairwoman Roberta Lange has also reportedly received death threats: “threatening my family, threatening my life, threatening my grandchild.”

This is unacceptable behavior. Sanders has condemned it, but not forcefully enough for my taste.
Of course, Kohn points out that some Donald Trump supporters are violent -- and she's correct. There was that old white guy who sucker-punched a black protester at a Trump candidacy rally. Then he suggested ...

Then there was the death of Heather Heyer.

And not to let Hillary Clinton's supporters off the hook, there are a number of violent Clintonistas. Nikolas Cruz, for one. It's not known who Omar Mateen, perpetrator of the Orlando Pulse terror attack, voted for, but he was indeed a Democrat. His father certainly was a Clinton supporter, however.

I conclude one thing: human beings are crazy. But everyone thinks that the other guy's worshipers ... er ... supporters are worse. Well, the outcomes may be worse on one side or the other, but the disease is the same: faulty perspective.

If you're not looking at things from eternity's perspective, you are blind. Politics and politicians are some of the tactics which the Enemy of us all uses to produce false vision -- a vision of salvation.

I'm guilty of this blindness -- this craziness -- also. But God is leading me away from it.

All I feel led to do here anymore is to help others to see.

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