Friday, April 6, 2018

Free Facebook Ice Cream Sometimes Tastes Funny

Since everyone is complaining about Facebook, I might as well, too.

A couple of months back, I commented on an interesting post, composed by an old online friend, in which he outlined the fallen nature of the presidents of the USA. One of my comments to the post was a simple correction to the circled info.

I quoted that part and added that, of course, it was LBJ who allegedly uttered the that crude prophecy and not FDR.

My friend's post remains uncorrected. However, some rocket scientist reported my comment, but did not report my friend’s words! As a result, my comment was deleted and my account was suspended for 24 hours.

You read correctly. Facebook suspended a black woman’s account for quoting a status in which the n-word was used, but did not do anything to the author of the status -- a black man, by the way. Not that I wanted them to; I would, however, like the rules of the platform to make sense. Yeah, wishful thinking.

That said, whoever didn’t suspect that FB was eyeballing all the data submitted to the platform is incredibly na├»ve.

I still appreciate a free service that keeps me in contact with my family and old friends – and allows me to publicize my work.

And to fund-raise.

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