Friday, June 1, 2018

My May 2018 Post Digest From Da Tech Guy Blog

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Kanye Has Them Shaking in Their Boots-- Linked by Instapundit
And this is what makes long-time Trump supporter Kanye West different from the rest of us who refuse to toe the Democrat line. His hip-hop-composed platform was already built. All he had to do is climb up and begin to speak.
Special Needs Placard Not Needed
To liberals/leftists, black people are a crippled class that can never be made whole just as long as they can never be made not-black. What’s this notion called?
Dirty Windows
I would not want to see eyes like that looking back at me – especially not from my pillow or my mirror.
Starbucks Handles Its Business ... PoorlyWhen Your Enemy Tells You What He Will Do, Believe Him
Ms. Pelosi demonstrates a dim vestige of cunning, but we call all figure out what will happen if the Democrats regain the House, the Senate or both.
Inside the Gates: the Enemy
The CIA and all of the other intelligence agencies exist to Keep the Gates. Gathering them all under the DNI banner made that easier.
We Averted Our Eyes
I and many of my oldest and closest friends are also old enough to remember when open allegiance to communism was a huge disqualifier for any intelligence service position, much less DCI.
Good Candidate For Mercy
President Trump should commute this man’s sentence and, perhaps, keep him on a list of potential pardons.
CNN Sure Can Pick 'Em
We all know that this guy’s ideological forebears would have called the man a NAZI even if they did know that he was wearing the uniform of the US military. That’s what actually happened 48 years ago – and even 13 years ago.
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