Monday, December 23, 2019

Baldilocks Most Popular Posts in 2019

My favorite pic from this year
Here's a list of my most popular posts in 2019. Not much traffic or much to choose from. Most of my writing this year has been for Peter Ingemi and I'll post a most-traffic list from his site, as well.

California Transformed, Part I
California’s leftist government did not simply present itself to the voters and ask us to choose them instead of choosing non-leftist candidates. The game had to be rigged and the ground had to be softened.
Necessity is a Mother: DIY Plumbing

Donald Trump May Have Saved His Country
What puts us in danger of the wrath of God isn't that abortions happen. It's that we have incorporated abortion into the body of the nation. Abortion became law and, therefore became us.
Secret About Abortion
There is a certain segment of the black American population -- an elite -- that looks down on the majority of blacks and believes that the world would be better off without them. Not too many non-blacks know this.

This elite has existed for a long time and what they think about the vast majority of blacks would make a Klansman blush
Covington Lawyers Begin the Big Payback
The worst thing about this mob against him and his fellows was to have their spiritual leaders -- the Dioceses -- join the mob and betray them without even knowing the full story. I've repeatedly pointed out that all mobs are demonic. Assuming that my assertion about mobs is correct, what can we conclude about the leaders of these dioceses?
Why They Blamed the Kid First
The outrage engendered by the photo of a MAGA-hat-wearing white boy – Nicholas Sandmann -- who smiles while an old Native American man -- Nathan Phillips -- beats a drum in his face reminded me of something that I’ve been observing for a while.

My observation: a significant portion of Americans believes that whites are superior to all non-whites.
Musings on Illegal Aliens
I say this to both prongs of the Open Borders crowd: I see what you're doing, as do many others. You want to import people *you think* are too inferior to fix their own countries.

And you think that this alleged inferiority makes them malleable to a mindset of your choosing.
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